BabyChic Design Strap Cover 30% OFF

Protect baby’s face and neck and give your pram, stroller, high chair or car seat an instant facelift with the Babychic Strap / Harness Covers. The Babychic Strap / Harness covers wrap around your pram seat belt straps and simply velcro closed. They can also be used on any highchair, car seat, pram or stroller. 



Benefits of using Babychic Designs Strap / Harness Covers: 



  1.  Will protect baby’s neck, cheeks and shoulders from the sharp edges of any seat belt.

  2.  Will protect the seat belt from baby mess like food, milk and baby sick.

  3.  Are 100% cotton, inside and out, so they are soft and gentle against baby’s skin.

  4.  Made out designer fabrics they will give any pram or stroller an instant lift.

  5. Reversible, with two designer fabrics, so mum can chop and change the look of her pram in an instant.



 Periwinkle Chocolate, Ruby Rose & Licorice Swirl

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